West Palm Beach, Fl. Is the oldest municipality in the Miami metropolitan area (YES its part of it), having been incorporated as a city two years before Miami in November 1894.  Its filled with world class culture, entertainment, and dining experiences for all peoples.  Painting buildings in West Palm Beach, Fl. can range from units in Trump Tower, to the Ibis Country Club, with A LOT of single family homes in between. 

The most common home style we paint in the area is a tie between Ranch, and Mediterranean. Ranch style is the easiest to paint between the two, due to the little use of trim/molding, and the lack of railings, and decorative arches.  The Ranch style offers a more open floor plan in general, and easier connections the outside, this results in a simpler paint job.

You can read about Mediterranean homes, the most common style in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. HERE.

We also find ourselves Painting Condos/Apartments a lot more in West Palm Beach, Fl.  The units range from the most simplistic layout, to the more advanced 2000+Sq/Ft layouts.  These are typical Interior painting jobs, with a decent amount of prep work (due to smaller confines) but are generally simplistic in nature.

Overall, West Palm Beach, Fl. Offers just as much variance in building painting, as it does in its culture, history, and people.