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Pool Deck Painting

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Pool Deck Painting

"Fantastic job on our pool deck, just in time for my sons wedding party!!"

Chris & Debra Hanning

Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.


Pool Deck Painting

Pool deck painting is hands down, the easiest way to renovate a patio area.  After years of neglect, chlorine stains, water, dirt, and mold become visually noticeable.  These problems aren't just visual, they actually damage the paint system, leading to peeling paint, cracking, and if left unattended, damaged concrete.  Save your time and money, and get your pool deck repainted!!  They visual before and afters created by repainting a pool deck are the most staggering we come across.  Go Sunny Painting can repair minor concrete defects and cracks, but don't wait for them to get worse.  You'll be happy you did, and your wallet will thank you!!  make the decision to go with the pros; go with, Go Sunny Painting.

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