Our History

Go Sunny Painting was officially founded in 2017 by Coast Guard Veteran Sean McCoy, but our grass roots go back significantly further.  As a kid Sean helped his family flip houses, this is where he acquired the foundation of his painting skills.  As a young man, Sean joined the U.S Coast Guard, where he furthered said skills by protecting and developing the paint system on the 270' Coast Guard Cutter Bear.  These developed skills led to Sean developing a side business, which led to this full time venture.

About Us

Go Sunny Painting has a team of about 5 painters, and 5 helpers at any time.  We schedule our jobs at least 1 month out, and take a 25% deposit to secure dates.  We strongly recommend Sherwin Williams Super-Paint, but have used other brands.  Average interior paint time is 5 days (full-house), and average exterior paint time is 4 days (full-house).  Our standard operating procedure is summed up in 3 phases.

1. Preparation Work- CLEAN-CLEAN-CLEAN Surface Includes a full pressure wash/wipe down of walls(if needed). Followed by filling cracks, holes, and any necessary repair work. Primer(if needed), followed by masking/taping off unwanted painted areas.  Then we uninstall items(if needed) and move furniture/items to the center of the room/out of the way.

2. Painting- 1 or 2 coats depending on the application, spray or roll depending on the application.

3. Clean Up-  We remove our masking materials, and move furniture/replace items back where they where.  Clean and organize the work space.  Commence minor touch up areas.  Final walk through with customer, then a final touch up if needed.