About Us

Go Sunny Painting is a Veteran owned small business. We schedule our jobs at least 1 month out, and take a 25% deposit to secure dates.  We strongly recommend Sherwin Williams Super-Paint, but have used other brands.  Average interior paint time is 5 days (full-house), and average exterior paint time is 4 days (full-house).  Our standard operating procedure is summed up in 3 phases.

1. Preparation Work- CLEAN-CLEAN-CLEAN Surface Includes a full pressure wash/wipe down of walls(if needed). Followed by filling cracks, holes, and any necessary repair work. Primer(if needed), followed by masking/taping off unwanted painted areas.  Then we uninstall items(if needed) and move furniture/items to the center of the room/out of the way.

2. Painting- 1 or 2 coats depending on the application, spray or roll depending on the application.

3. Clean Up-  We remove our masking materials, and move furniture/replace items back where they where.  Clean and organize the work space.  Commence minor touch up areas.  Final walk through with customer, then a final touch up if needed.